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 At Parrot's  Nest    Flowers  Arts and Crafts we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community.
Article Excerpts: Houston Paper City Magazine  May 2015   Galleria Springtime Garden Show know as                                                                         "Primavera"
"Floral designers and landscape artist created beautiful arrangements that everyone could come and see.
Lush life-size garden scenes decorated the Mall.  The Galleria gives  a special thanks to talented floral designers and landscape artist which includes:  Parrot's Nest, A.J.'s Landscape and Design / A.J.'s Urban Petal's, The Theme Design "Sherrariums," 2 Cool Flowers, Fannin Flowers, Lush Flowers, Lilian Walker, and Flowers by Monica.   Southern Empire Landscapes and the Blooming Idea.  This year "Primavera"added a Youth Floral Division,  the theme "A Concert of Color." 
(My  special note to the Very First Youth Floral Division - in a word - "Beautiful " )   
More Exciting Highlights to Come !